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Goos van der Heide (1961) from Groningen, Netherlands first came into contact with diving during a holiday in Alanya, Turkey in 1999.
This was the beginning of a wonderful hobby that is becoming increasingly developed, particularly in underwater photography. By now it has become more than just a 'hobby': it is his passion.

His interest in underwater photography was born in 2001 on a dive trip to the island of Cozumel in Yucatan, Mexico. Underwater photography gave so much extra dimension to diving that now, he can not imagine ever going underwater without a camera.

After that holiday in 2001 followed many trips to warm places where he could exercise his new found hobby. He prefers Azië, but especially Irian Jaja also called West Papua, "both above water and below sea level you will find the most amazing forms of flora and fauna.

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On this site you can view my portfolio with hundreds of photos from all over the world. You can go directly to the latest updates to view my latest photos.

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